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from what  Australia!  – 11 friends

from what Australia! – 11 friends

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Good day my friend. How is it going? That's right, folks: rinse the didgeridoos, chase the koalas from your front yard, and coat your cerebral cortex with Vegemite. Because today is Australia Day! While football doesn't quite match the popularity of cricket, rugby and kangaroo slaying, we've still put together an Australia special for you. Don't worry, it's not cheap, biased pan mods. Goes loose!

Hey, hey Vicky!

Square 11 for portrait shapes

who am I? I trained at Schalke but I was only used 12 times in three years. After a successful stint in Mains, I returned to my coaching club. But it was only after an England adventure that I found my sporting home again: at VfL Bochum. Four years ago I strapped my rucksack on my back and dared myself to jump across the pond to Melbourne Victory. In the end it was only enough for six games.

Do you know what?

Ned Zelig took the opposite approach. As a teenager he moved to Germany, where he became the league's record Australian with 160 games. There is even a German championship in his showcase. At which club did he win?

Four players, one word

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are you kidding me What unites these four players? What do they have to do with Australia?


Australia achieved this record win against which country?

Holy Friday

Mark Schwarzer was a regular goalkeeper for the Australian national team for two decades and played 514 games in the Premier League. But before his career took off, he was between posts in the Bundesliga six times. For which two clubs?


It will be historic

We are looking for the location Socceroos” scored their first World Cup goal. A little tip: Mark Schwarzer was in goal that day.

Square 11 3 for portrait shapes


from what Australia! Here comes the boomerang of each round of puzzles: the solution. The career path you're looking for belongs to original Schalke player and backpacker Tim Hoogland. Ned Zelic's career was further away from a championship than it was in his native Sydney in 1995 when he won the trophy with BVB. Title denied to Thomas Broch. Australia's footballer of the decade was allowed to play alongside Matthias Schers, Vaclav Svergos, Ilkay Gundogan and Martin Forkel. In 2001, when Broich was putting on his boots for Wacker Burghausen, the Australian national team beat American Samoa 31-0 over 15,000 kilometers – a record! A few weeks later, he topped the target Socceroos”: Mark Schwarzer. He moved to Dynamo Dresden in 1994, was immediately pushed through and played for FC Kaiserslautern the following year. At the 2006 World Cup, things came full circle for Schwarzer: Im Fritt-ZW-All-Teer-stad-Ion” He saw Tim Cahill score Australia's first World Cup goal in a 3-1 win over Japan. You know, don't you?