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From the United States to Askafenberg

Felix Metzler, 26, played for the Huskies College team in Connecticut for four years. Now the Zimbabwe-born defensive midfielder has returned to Germany and is wearing a shirt. SV Victoria Askofenberg In Bavarian Regional League. In an interview with FUSSBALL.DE, Metzler talks about his eventful and wonderful time in the United States.

FOOTBALL.DE: You have returned to Germany after four years in the United States. Looking back, how was your time in the states, Mr. Metzler?

Felix Metzler: Absolutely huge. I learned a lot, enjoyed it, had fun. Finding your way in another country with a different culture and mindset was very transformative at first. To do this, I had to adjust my study, football and routine. My focus at Stuttgarter Kickers was previously only on playing football, and I was challenged in many areas in the United States. A lot of people in the US thought I was one of them because of my appearance and sometimes used slang to talk me out of it. But I was able to do it faster and better.

You played ball there for the Connecticut Huskies College team. How to get to the US?

“Many people in the United States thought I was one of them because of my appearance and sometimes spoke me in slang.”

Assassin: Someone I knew, who I had known since school days, eagerly told me about this and suggested that I should have experience in the United States as well. I was a little hesitant at first but then got into it. Eventually I was given an American sports scholarship and the adventure began. Today I am glad I decided to take this step four years ago.

Did you plan from the beginning that it would be so long?

Assassin: My communication studies have been designed for three years. I had the option to do this for one more year. Then I completed my communication studies in three years as planned and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics the following year.

What were your best moments in Husky’s jersey?

Assassin: First, I have to mention my first game in which I scored the winning goal with a free kick at home game against Lee Hai. The start could not have been better. Our qualification for the National College Championship of America – NCAA competition is also outstanding. In the first round we won 3-1 in extra time on a big football field in the cold, trailing 3-1. It was an incredible experience.

Are there any funny stories that make you laugh even more?

Assassin: Many – but I certainly would not say in public. (Laughs) I could write a book about the four years I was in the United States. But I’m only controlling myself for a moment: before our match against the college team from Florida, our coach wanted to do penalty training with us. Since it was too cold outside, we did it in a football arena. I came out of the weight room and before I entered the hall I heard the big stadium noise with the fans whistling. But the hall was empty. The coach had jukeboxes there, from which came the noise of the fans. He wanted to create a realistic ground environment for the stressful situation in penalty kicks. Basically a good idea, but we players found it a lot of fun and we still have to laugh about it today.

Did you have time to travel to the United States?

Assassin: Had the opportunity to do a lot from the university and the football field. But it was not like I had traveled all over the country. I tended to stay on the east coast. But for me as a big basketball fan that was enough. I attended many of my favorite Boston Celtics club games. Was good.

Do you play basketball yourself?

Assassin: No, only on PlayStation . (Laughs) I’m not really a good basketball player.

What do you think everyone in America should see?

Assassin: A Connecticut Huskies Home Game, of course! (Laughs) We received an average audience of all college teams, with about 6000 spectators watching our matches. It was so much fun, the atmosphere was amazing. Otherwise, a city tour of New York in the winter should not be missed. I can recommend Boston in the summer with its beautiful harbor. If you only want a vacation with the sun, you should fly to Florida.

Would you recommend every footballer to go to America if given the chance?

Assassin: Of course, it always depends on the individual case: what degree do you want to complete and what ambitions do you have in football. But if you like America, if you want to gain experience abroad, if you want to play football, if you have the opportunity to do so, you should definitely think seriously about it.

You are currently playing for Victoria Askofenberg in the Bavarian region. What are the reasons for returning to Germany?

Assassin: I finished my studies in the US in December 2021 and really wanted to stay for the time being. But on Christmas day I went to visit my family in Frankfurt and again felt incredibly comfortable. I was already in touch with Viktoria Aschaffenburg, so that’s what happened at the beginning of the year. In fact, like I said, it was planned differently. But life often turns out differently than you think. (Laughs) An important factor is undoubtedly being so close to my hometown of Frankfurt that I can be with family and friends again. I am very happy with the current situation.

What goals do you still pursue in football – do you still want to become a professional?

Assassin: First of all, I want to come to my new club in Askeffenberg and set foot there. At best, I can help the team and it will make me very happy. And I firmly believe that in the future I will also start thinking about what my career should be like outside of football. But for now I will go step by step. Victoria comes first.