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From Saarbrücken to the USA: Erdmann looks to the dollars - football

From Saarbrücken to the USA: Erdmann looks to the dollars – football

Just six months later, third-tier defender Dennis Erdmann (31) from Saarbrücken fled to the United States for the Colorado Springs switchback.

Today is part 2 of the interview.

BILD: Mr. Erdmann, what are your plans in the United States?

Erdmann: “I want to develop myself more and get to know the country. It has been my dream for five years. I have always been there with friends for the past few years and I really feel at home in the country. I also went to football and thought it was great. Now I am looking forward to The club, my teammates and the city.”

Bild: What’s on the shirt? Earth man or Erdman?

Erdmann (laughs): “I don’t know yet. They both look great. But I’d like Erdmann to be on the shirt.”

Bild: When do you start?

Erdmann: “It takes a few days for me to adapt. There is a big time difference of eight hours. The league starts at the end of March.”

Bild: Are you fit?

Erdmann: “I’m in great shape now, I did a lot of sports, went for walks on vacation. I lost four pounds and don’t feel like 31. I didn’t start playing football until I was 21. That’s why I can play football for a few more years.”

Bild: Do you already have an apartment?

Erdmann: “The club takes care of everything. That’s excellent.”

Bild: What do you take with you?

Erdmann: “I am not a typical homebody at all. I will do everything I can to get home quickly. I want to arrive and play football.”

Bild: What are you looking forward to in particular?

Erdmann: “On earning my first dollars. I love the dollar bill. I think it’s so cool to be paid with, and I’m really looking forward to it. I can be there living in the Superbowl, love that American feel.”