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From Prison to Musicals: Viola Tami (41 years old) is a jack of all trades


Successful in the showbiz world since 16: Viola Tammy. Things are going well at the moment.

Success comes when it rings: About half a million people watch “Ding Dong – Show Me Your Home” with Viola Tammy (41 years old). Yesterday evening, the funny woman from Zurich entered the fifth round with her successful format. She visited prisoner Sami in his tiny 12-square-meter cell at Saxerite SG prison, where he is serving a one-year sentence. “The idea of ​​confinement was very oppressive,” she says. “But it was also good to see how the man learned through his stay that he now wanted to change his life.”

Since 2020, Tammy has been ringing the bells of 85 residential properties. I snuck into the horror house of Oscar winner HR Giger (1940-2014), was in the Ferrari villa and at the Jungfraujoch weather station.