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From Frankfurt: Lufthansa sends a Boeing 747-8 to Mallorca in first class

From Frankfurt: Lufthansa sends a Boeing 747-8 to Mallorca in first class

Lufthansa currently operates the Airbus A321 Neo with 215 economy seats from Frankfurt to Palma. On the other hand, a four-class jumbo jet is used in four days in July and August.

The Boeing 747-8 is the largest active aircraft in the Lufthansa fleet. It seats 364 passengers, eight in first class, 80 in business class, 32 in premium economy, and 244 in economy class. This jumbo jet can fly up to 13,100 kilometers.

From Frankfurt to Palma de Mallorca, the distance is only about 1,250 kilometers when the crow flies. Actually a very short trajectory for long-distance double-decker pilots. But while the long-distance business is slowly recovering, summer bookings for sunny European destinations are in full swing at Lufthansa.

The A321 Neo currently flies with 215 seats

Thus Lufthansa will use a Boeing 747-8 from Frankfurt to Palma on four consecutive Saturdays (17, 24 and 31 July and 7 August) during the summer holidays in Hesse. Return flights are numbered LH1152 and LH1153.

“88 seats in business class (including first class) and 276 seats in economy class (including premium economy) are for sale,” Lufthansa says. There is currently an Airbus A321 Neo with 215 economy seats on the road.

A350 flying once from Munich

At the start of the Bavarian summer holidays, Lufthansa will have an Airbus A350-900 taking off from Palma on July 31 from Munich. This is the outbound LH2658 and the return flight LH2659.

The airline explains the unusual offer: “Demand for booking Lufthansa flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Palma de Mallorca for the upcoming summer holidays remains very high.” Booking numbers for Balearic Island increased “25-fold between April and early June 2021”.