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From 0:2 to 3:2 in the second leg - a very short Villarreal fairy tale: Liverpool in the CL final - sport

From 0:2 to 3:2 in the second leg – a very short Villarreal fairy tale: Liverpool in the CL final – sport

  • Liverpool is in the Champions League final for the tenth time.
  • England won the semi-final second leg in Villarreal 3-2 after trailing 2-0 and advanced to the final 5-2 on aggregate.
  • In the final, the English will meet either Manchester City or Real Madrid (first-leg: 4:3).

On May 28 in Paris, Liverpool will have the chance to win the seventh title in the “First Division”. In order to reach the final, the Reds had to fight against Villarreal a lot more than they would have liked.

Only after a good hour did Fabinho, Luis Diaz and Sadio Mane go from 0:2 to 3:2 in the space of 12 minutes thus suddenly ruining the exciting hopes of the Spaniards that have so far been real. Thanks to the overall score of 5:2, the English are once again fighting for the title of “First Class”.

The miracle was there – but only until the end of the first half

After 0:2 in the first leg at Anfield Road At the start of the match, not many Villarreal supporters had high hopes for a miracle. But the Spanish surprise team was not affected.

The fans in Villarreal got the delicacies of Spanish football from the very first minute. While there was no sign of ‘the best Liverpool of all time’, to use Michael Owen’s words, a highly motivated team sparked cheers on the field:

  • The third minute: Fans may not have felt comfortable even when Boulaye Dea sent La Ceramica Stadium into ecstasy. A long cross pass reaches Etienne Capoue, who directs the ball from the correct position into the penalty area. Dia just has to push her in.
  • 41 minutes: Capuyi crosses into the penalty area, and Francis Coquelin climbs three stories higher than Trent Alexander-Arnold and decapitates his team to make it 2-0. Meanwhile, the miracle had already been accomplished during the break.

A suspicious number of fouls have had an effect like sand on Liverpool’s attacking equipment which runs smoothly.

Tea break brings life to Liverpool

After the rest period, the balance of power on the pitch of Villarreal changed. The hosts, who defeated Bayern and Juventus, praised the intense intensity of the first half, with Liverpool entering and creating chances.

After all, it was only a matter of time before Liverpool scored too. An hour later, the English fans were dumbfounded:

  • 62 minutes: Salah plays Fabinho sharply. The Brazilian puts the ball into the net with a powerful shot between the legs of Villarreal goalkeeper Jeronimo Rulli.
  • 67 minutes: Once again, Rolly was defeated by the legs. This time Diaz heads a cross from Alexander Arnold.
  • 72 minutes: Next blow to Villarreal. Mane takes advantage of a lot of space on the left. He runs around Rowley, who rushes out of the gate and pushes the ball inward to make it 3:2.

After 7 unbeaten matches at home in the Champions League, Villarreal once again suffered defeat. Meanwhile, for Liverpool, the quartet’s dream lives on.

This is how it goes

In the final, the English will face either Manchester City or Real Madrid. The second leg of the semi-final will take place in the Spanish capital on Wednesday (starting at 9 pm). Manchester City won the great first leg 4:3 in front of a local crowd.