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FritzBox update: AVM releases new version for many routers

FritzBox update: AVM releases new version for many routers

There is a new beta for FritzOS 7.28. As announced by the telecommunications company AVM, the software can be downloaded from the AVM Lab’s website.

The update is compatible with Fritzbox 7530, 6890 and 6850 LTE. However, those who were hoping for great innovations will be disappointed. It’s just bug fixes.

According to this, the system should be more stable in general, but also the WLAN. In addition, a bug with network drives has been fixed in macOS, and there is an improvement in call forwarding and CardDAV-based phonebooks.

FritzBox: Trial has been marked as Release Candidate

FritzBox: Some routers are receiving the latest beta version of FritzOS 7.28.

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Not surprisingly, pure optimization works without any new features. Because the trial version has been marked as a candidate version. In other words: it seems that the developers are only busy removing the last few bugs before FritzOS 7.28 is officially released.

If the release filter is working correctly, routers should soon be able to use the program without participating in the beta program. For the respective models, this means adding the SMS sending function. There are also many new features of smart home functionality for routers.