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Fritz Meinecke admits mistakes and makes an announcement

Fritz Meinecke admits mistakes and makes an announcement

Fritz Meinecke explains the new season “7 vs. Wild”.Photo: YouTube screenshot / Fritz Meinecke – live

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The wait is over on October 31: The new season of “7 vs. Wild” begins on Amazon Freevee. However, many fans don’t agree with the plan at all. They were disappointed that the YouTube posting came about a month later. “7 vs. Wild” creator Fritz Minnick couldn’t help but be surprised by this dissatisfaction.

Now the survival expert has spoken out with a statement on YouTube. Many were waiting for him to say something to “clear some things up,” Fritz Meinecke began his video. But he directly declared that he did not want to be too big, so as not to spread “negative vibrations.”

7 vs. Wild: Here’s what Fritz Meinecke says about fan anger

“7 vs. Wild,” especially Season 3, is “a huge learning experience for him and the team in the background, in everything we do.” They are not professionals; After all, they haven’t done that for ten or twenty years. “We try things and of course new problems and challenges arise,” he initially noted.

YouTube reality show 7 vs. Wilde: The Biggest Failure Participant Fritz Meinecke

Fritz Meinecke is there for the third time.Image: YouTube screenshot

In the background they are always trying to improve things wherever possible. This also applies to season three. “Because, yes, you have to admit it frankly and frankly, there were problems on set and during production,” he explained.

But something else was important to him and so he “made a decision” a few months ago. Instead of being both a participant and an organizer, this time he chose almost 100 percent for one side: the participant side. But it also meant that he pulled himself further and further out of the organization. “I have also abdicated responsibility and am no longer involved in many decision-making processes,” he added. This also applies to cutting.

Fritz Meinecke admits mistakes

Therefore, he is not directly responsible for some of the decisions made. He did not mention the specific situation, but said he did not want to and could not blame anyone. However, it is clear to him: “I definitely made mistakes too – in communication, maybe I was a bit naive about some things.” Because the project has become larger, more complex and more difficult.

In his video, he also commented on what is perhaps the biggest point of criticism at the moment: Freevee’s long period of exclusivity. Meinecke confirmed that without Amazon partner Freevee there would not have been a third season. “You also have to understand that you will not harm 7 vs. Wild by watching it there. It is completely up to you whether you watch it on YouTube or on Freevee,” he explained, also stressing that they are all very satisfied with the cooperation with Freevee. He also appealed to fans to “be fair” and not spread a negative mood.

Fritz Meinecke makes a big announcement about the movie “7 vs. Wild”

He should definitely make fans very happy with some news. Because in parallel with the start of the third season on Freevee on October 31 (a new episode every Tuesday and Friday), contrary to previous announcements, it actually starts at the same time on YouTube. There will be no main episode at this point, but there will be a behind-the-scenes video – every Tuesday.

As previously announced, key episodes can also be watched on YouTube from November 29. A new episode is shown online every Wednesday and Saturday at 6pm, Fritz Meinecke has now revealed. As in the past, there will be 16 episodes in total. However, there is also Episode 17 exclusively on YouTube, as announced. “Why? How so? Speculation is allowed,” he said meaningfully.

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