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Fritz and Pegula win in thriller against Great Britain ·

Fritz and Pegula win in thriller against Great Britain ·

Taylor Fritz And Jessica Pegula They were able to show their strength in the United Cup clash with Great Britain in Perth.


Last modified: December 31, 2023, 10:43 am

Jessica Pegula and Taylor Fritz won for the USA

No, after the first set of the doubles match between the United States and Great Britain in Perth, American fans were the only ones asking themselves why Rajeev Ram, one of the world's best doubles players, was not nominated, but Taylor Fritz, who rarely competes in pairs, skated to Jessica Pegula's side. Katie Boulder and Neil Skupski won the round 6-1 and after their opening win over Australia, the next win was well within their grasp for the Brits.

But then Fritz tied the score 7:6 (5) and 6:4 against Cameron Norrie in the singles. He won the second set 7:4 in a tiebreak with Pegula, then won the third set 10:7.

That brought the day to a big conclusion for Pegula. They were unable to use a 3-0 lead in the second set against Boulder, 7:5, 4:6 and 4:6.

In the second opener, around the same time, Canada beat Chile 2-1 in Sydney.

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