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'Friends' star Courteney Cox regrets her plastic surgery

‘Friends’ star Courteney Cox regrets her plastic surgery

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Monica became famous all over the world as the character Monica in “Friends”. Courteney Cox is still successful in front of the camera today – but not quite as naturally as it was in the ’90s. Various cosmetic interventions are to blame for this.

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With long brown hair and a natural look, Courteney Cox rose to stardom in the mid-’90s. At that time the actress was 30 years old. After the end of the series, things continued successfully for the Hollywood star.

However, Cox not only made headlines with the new films, but above all with her face. Because this looks more and more like a mask from time to time. In order to stop the aging process, the 57-year-old resorted to questionable procedures, such as what she is now doing in one Interview With Style Magazine “The Sunday Times”. “There was a time when I said, ‘Oh, I’m changing.'” said the actress.

In the interview, Cox was asked what caption she would choose if she used a photo from the era Instagram You will have to post. Her response was, “The day you realize what your friends were talking about.” Because the former “Friends” actress assumes that people must have been talking about her interference at the time. But she never noticed that it “looks really weird.” However, the time came when she said to herself: “I have to stop. This is just crazy.”

Today it will not bear any further interventions. Although she has given up injections, Courteney Cox still puts a lot of time and energy into her appearance. After all, they are still subject to public scrutiny. “The pressure is intense, but I don’t know if it could be more severe than what I put myself through,” she said. The actress, who recently returned to the cinema with the movie “Scream 5”, said that she tries a lot of new products: “I am a producer whore. I will try everything. “

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