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Freudenberg: Relatives say goodbye to Louise

Freudenberg: Relatives say goodbye to Louise


“The heart is indescribably heavy” – the relatives say goodbye to Louise

A memorial service for 12-year-old Louise was held in Freudenberg on Wednesday. She was murdered on March 11 by girls of about the same age.


The grief for Louise is great.

IMAGO / René Trout

  • Louise, age 12, was killed on March 11 from multiple knife wounds.

  • Two girls of approximately the same age are admitted.

  • You are still criminally liable.

  • Memorial services were held on Wednesday.

With a memorial service Wednesday night, relatives Freudenberg who were killed a week and a half ago Twelve-year-old Louise belief. Relatives and close friends gathered at the local evangelical church. The funeral service was broadcast via audio stream in the auditorium of Esther Bejarano Comprehensive School. Many mourners gathered there and in the front yard – above all the dead comrades.

We all have an incredibly heavy heart right now.

“Louis is dead. Your Louise! You mourn, our city Freudenberg mourns, and the whole country. Today we are here at her coffin. Let us remember Louise together. Let us say our goodbyes. Let us share your suffering,” said parish priest Thomas Egowski at the start of the funeral service.

And further: “We all have an unspeakably heavy heart now. For twelve years she had a lovely life. Often your Louise was full of irrepressible joy, and you will remember her loud and funky.” And in between, songs were played. Sarah Connor (“Paper Aircraft”) and Zita (“Dancing In The Sky”).

1000 people listen to the audio broadcast

In front of the Evangelical Church, the police protected the area from a large area. Only family and close friends gathered inside. About 1,000 people attended the broadcast of the funeral service at the Esther Bejarano Comprehensive School auditorium.

Twelve-year-old Louise was murdered on March 11 by two girls believed to be about the same age, and stabbed multiple times. Her body was discovered in an impassable forested area behind the state border of Rhineland-Palatinate. The next day, investigators said a 12-year-old and a 13-year-old were suspects.

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