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Frequent flyers: That will change at Miles & More in 2024

Frequent flyers: That will change at Miles & More in 2024

With dramatic changes, the Lufthansa Group wants to make its frequent flyer program the simplest in the world. This only partially succeeded. Overview of Miles & More.

Everything was ready. In November 2019, Lufthansa Group announced the launch Radical change to the frequent flyer program on me. The goal was to create “the simplest mileage program in the world”. But then came the pandemic and the group postponed a planned introduction in early 2021 — initially indefinitely and The last time in 2024.

The Lufthansa Group has now announced details of the changes. It made more adjustments than planned for 2019. The group said Miles & More has become “more transparent and simple”. In the future you can see at a glance what is necessary to achieve or extend a condition. However, this was only partially successful.

Domestic airlines will count on more to come

The Lufthansa Group has reduced the multitude of different types of miles: previously there were Status Miles, HON Circle Miles, Select Miles, Status Stars, Flight Sectors and Award Miles. It was not easy to understand what represented what. In the future, there will only be three types: points, qualification points, and HON circle points.

Points are awarded on all Miles and More Airlines flights. Travelers collect eligible points and HON Circle points only with group airlines and issuing partners, such as Air Dolomiti, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings, Eurowings Discover, Lufthansa, Swiss, as well as Croatia Airlines, Lot and Luxair. HON Circle points are only available for first and business class flights.

This is how you get points

This becomes clear using an example. If someone travels with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to New York, they receive points and qualifying points in Economy Class. If he travels in business class, he also gets HON circle points. On the other hand, if he travels with United from Frankfurt to New York, he only gets points.

In the future, there will be 20 points and 20 qualifying points in economy class on intercontinental flights and 60 points and 60 qualifying points on intercontinental flights. In premium economy it is 20/20 and 80/80. In Business Class, future members will earn 40 points and 40 qualifying points plus 40 HON Circle points on intercontinental flights and 200 points each on intercontinental flights. In first class, the split is 40/40/40 and 300/300/300. Points are awarded for each flight segment.

This is how you get frequent flyer status

Miles members will have the lowest frequent flyer status as of 2024 for 650 points and 325 qualifying points per calendar year. You become a Senator with 2,000 points and 1,000 qualifying points. You can reach Olympus of HON Circle members with 6000 HON Circle points. If earlier the achieved goal was valid for two years, now the status is valid for only one year.