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Free video games: Some games are paid by your health insurance

Free video games: Some games are paid by your health insurance

Going forward, the health insurances will cover the costs of therapeutic games in the care facilities, as they have been shown to have a positive impact.

Going forward, health insurance companies will cover the costs of video games under certain circumstances. What seems strange at first, makes sense on closer examination. More precisely, a cash register device pays when therapeutic video games are used in care facilities. After an extensive investigation, the use of a private console called memoreBox was deemed worthy of funding.

Therapeutic games are programs that playfully help people in need of care to slow mental and physical decline or, for example, to prevent diseases such as dementia. Specially built devices use Kinect technology to encourage movement, among other things. This should make work easier for staff in care facilities. Elderly players ride bicycles, dance, or play bowling, for example. Just as the average gamer has known since the Wii days.

The positive impact on users’ well-being has been tested and confirmed in over 100 facilities. Over 900 senior citizens have already used memoreBox. Due to the additional physical and mental workload, those in need of care are more efficient, mobile and better able to take care of themselves. The motivation to maintain social contacts also increased. With this broad emphasis on success, health insurances are taking over funding for the console. Nursing facilities can apply for funding for this with immediate effect. The MemoreBox is developed by RetroBrain R&D.