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Free PC Game: Developed by racing enthusiasts, you can try this title for free this weekend

Free PC Game: Developed by racing enthusiasts, you can try this title for free this weekend

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This free PC game is developed by racing enthusiasts and aimed at other racing enthusiasts. You can only test the rider from top to bottom for free on weekends.

You can test Circuit Superstars for free until May 29th. (Source: Square Enix)

  • On the weekend, you can test a racing game for free.
  • Circuit Superstars is available to you for free until May 29th.
  • All modes included in the top-down racer are playable during the trial period.

You can do this all weekend Free PC game Try Circuit Superstars on Steam. The testing phase ends on May 29. Until May 30th, you’ll get a discount on the top-down rider.

ring stars

During the trial period of Circuit Superstars, you can try out all the content of the racing game with the All Access Pass. Compete against up to 12 opponents in multiplayer or master all disciplines in the Grand Prix.

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In the free play mode, you can create your own races or you can race against the artificial intelligence. You have a total of 12 vehicles to choose from, each with different handling characteristics.

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The game, developed by racing enthusiasts, also caters to racing enthusiasts. If you don’t feel addressed, you can also others free games Among other things Play StationAnd the X-Box And the Nintendo Switch tests.

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