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Free number 10 shooter game

From Michael Misculin
Epic is offering a new free game on the Epic Games Store until 5 p.m. This is a modified version of the classic shooter game.

Today only, until 5 p.m., Epic Games is offering the shooter as a free game. This replaces the enveloping sci-fi role-playing game, which was previously Free at Epic Games gave. But the new shooter does it at least fantastically.

New free game is action shooter Metro Last Light Redux

The first person to shoot is Metro Last Light Redux From 2015 by developer 4A Games and publisher Deep Silver. The title is based on the fictional post-apocalyptic world of Metro 33 Russian writer Dmitry Glukhovsky. This version is a remastered Metro Last Light Remaster with all the DLC, new modes, features and improvements.

Metro Last Light Redux: PC vs PS4 graphics comparison

In Metro Last Light Redux, the year is 2034 and the rest of humanity faces deadly threats in the ruins of a semi-divided Moscow. For example, the deep catacombs are haunted by mutants. Meanwhile, the cities of the underground metro stations are fighting over an old piece of equipment from a military bunker. The player takes on the role of Artyom’s guard and must use a gas mask and a large arsenal of weapons to defend himself against these threats. Players looking for a challenge can play the game in the legendary Ranger mode, which has no HUD or user interface, deadlier combat and limited resources.

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Source: Epic Games Store