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Franz can do that!  So Wagner really confuses the NBA with American sports

Franz can do that! So Wagner really confuses the NBA with American sports

He’s Germany’s biggest hope in basketball – and now he’s taking off in the NBA!

Franz Wagner (19) was selected in the NBA draft by the Orlando Magic and signed his first professional contract on August 3. The Berliner is currently playing in the NBA Summer League, that is, the pre-season tournament, in Las Vegas. It can shine!

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Wagner is very versatile.

  • Throwing threes.
  • ER scores near the basket.
  • Score under the basket.
  • defends.
  • He uses his neighbors.
  • He steals the balls from the opponent.
  • Delivers exactly why Orlando wanted him so badly.

Franz can do that! Wagner confuses the NBA

Drafted by Orlando in fifth, teammate Galen Suggs raves about the German: On top of that, he’s a smart player. He has a great IQ. He knows when to give way. He’s a tough guy. You won’t bully him offensively or defensively. He’s a great player. The more we play. The more we train together, the better our chemistry. Better. I think he has a lot of potential.”

Wagner’s first conclusion with Orlando in the Summer League: “They are all great guys. They support me a lot and have really helped me a lot. The most important thing is to develop a relationship with my teammates with whom I will play next year. I think that is the most important thing. Everything else will come out on the pitch. I am very competitive so I always want to be Better than me, but it’s all coming. I think as long as I do my best and stay confident, I think good things will happen.”

Last night in the game against Detroit, Franz Wagner survived, and was not in the team. He was seated outside next to Suggs in an Orlando polo shirt and black mask and cheered for his teammates – including brother Moritz Wagner, who signed a new contract with Magic two weeks ago!

Franz Wagner, along with NBA legend Detlev Schrempf, is the first German to be pulled into the NBA draft. Both ranked eighth. This gives hope for a great career!


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