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Frank Rosen threatens to break up: 'One of the worst things I've ever seen'

Frank Rosen threatens to break up: ‘One of the worst things I’ve ever seen’

Updated Oct 29, 2021, 8:35 a.m.

  • A perfectly related couple from Wendland seek help from Frank Rosin.
  • Your takeaway is almost done. Relief requires everything from star chefs.
  • Even the savior of “Rosins Restaurants” from Kabel Eins wants to give up.

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Star Chef’s Endurance Test Frank Rosen: In Dunnenberg, Lower Saxony, the operators of the Franks Brutzelbaud are hoping to be rescued at the last minute. The snack is missing the most important thing: the guests. Frank Pansy, 53, put it so beautifully: “It was my dream that the snack would work and that my wife could quit because she was ill and have to work less.” Frank’s wife Otti suffers from rheumatism and can no longer work as an accountant at her job.

Frank Rosen was touched, “I find it sad that you two are together,” the chef praised the couple at the first meeting. But the mood is changing quickly. “Everything is filthy here,” Rosen says, disgusting. The ashtray is full of cigarette butts, the curry comes out of the deep fryer, the schnitzel is heated and you won’t find a dishwasher here either.

Rosins’ Restaurants: ‘I don’t usually have 14 people here all day’

Then the first test meal gets completely out of hand. Empis-Frank is completely confused: “I don’t usually have 14 people here all day,” trying to fend for himself. Guests sometimes wait 45 minutes for a burger – which is also half cold. Frank’s reliance on organic meat doesn’t help, but he does offer it very cheaply.

“Frank’s Brutzelbude” turned out to be very difficult for a star chef.

© Kabel Eins / Willi Weber

Rosen also loses his appetite: “I don’t want to eat this,” he says after taking a bite into a warm schnitzel. “I don’t know where to begin,” Frank Rosen took his name to his chest, “You are completely devoid of talent to me.” The chef doesn’t know if he wants to come back tomorrow, says the chef in desperation, because: “It was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. It was filthy.”

Rosen then learns Frank Pansy’s sad life story: He grew up in a house, cut short his apprenticeship as a chef, and wasn’t a blank slate. “It was my wife who made me human again,” Frank says in a shaky voice. Since then, it’s been clear to Rosin: “Now we’re going full speed! Everyone deserves to help restart.”

“You woke me up!”

During training, Frank learns how to make good goulash, and steaks, meatballs and homemade potato salad should lure guests to the future Frank Brutzelpod. Frank flashed: “You shook me awake!” The 53-year-old is still sweating when he’s supposed to cook one of his new recipes in 20 minutes. “You have no timing, no plan, that’s the problem,” the star chef said disappointedly. But Frank vows to get better.

For the next count, 50 meatballs with potato salad, Frank plowed into the night. Ute’s wife ponders: “The arrest is over, I say.” What Rosin still isn’t satisfied with: the new slate. There are still many old dishes that didn’t taste good at all. “I’m a little disappointed. Somehow I started from scratch again,” confronts Frank and Yott. But in the subsequent marketing campaign with a food truck, things went much better. “People love him,” Frank says happily.

Rosen’s Tip: Never argue with guests!

But then the customer finds two hairs in his potato salad in horror: “That doesn’t work! I don’t want to keep eating that either,” she complains. Frank denies everything: “But that can’t be my hair! It looks like dog hair,” he stresses. Rosen has to step in and save the situation: “Frank, you’re not arguing, you’re apologizing! Next time you’re invited!”

At the end of the week, Rosin presented Banses with a surprise: a completely redesigned snack bar with new appliances, a raised worktop and an inviting outdoor setting with new tables and chairs. Frank says, “I have no words, mad!” The 53-year-old shows he’s done his homework.

At the second trial meal, “Franks Brutzelbude” managed to impress everyone, both in terms of service (“It was done in a very short time!”) and in terms of taste (“The food was very tasty!”). The result: five instead of two stars and many happy guests who want to come back. Now Frank Rosen is happy, too: “We’ve provided not only the snack bar, but a bit of chip shop culture,” he says happily.

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