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Frank Rosen surrenders: Health is in danger

A road trip across the USA. It is the dream of many people. Endless spaces, delicious (albeit sometimes greasy) food, adventure and work. Star chefs Frank Rosen, Alexander Komptner and Ali Gungurmuş thought the same thing and went on a long trip across the US for the Cabel 1 show “Roadtrip America”.

Needless to say, a visit to Texas on the way across the US should not be missed. To be more precise: Frank Rosen’s “Road Trip to America” ​​and his partners lead them to the cowboy town of Bandera. There, the three chefs were not only dressed like heroes of the Wild West, but also wanted to give their viewers a real show of the Wild West. After visiting a rodeo and a moderately successful attempt to defeat an electric bull, we continued on to San Antonio.

Frank Rosen tests the “4 Hoursman Burger”

The hardest task awaits Rosen and his friends. 4 horseman burger. A burger topped with ghost peppers is so spicy, you have to sign a contract before eating it, absolving the restaurant of any liability.

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A task that top chefs set themselves, but they fail brilliantly. While Ali Gongourmoush threw in the towel after licking the tip of the knife, Frank Rosen bravely bit into the meat roll and bitterly regretted it. The 56-year-old immediately had dizzy spells and stopped the challenge. The legend of the Rosins restaurants spat out meat in a bucket that was so hot.

Frank Rosen, Alexander Kuptner, and Ali Güngurmuş travel across the United States. picture: single cable

“I can only express it in my Ruhr language: You’re burning your face so badly. This has nothing to do with food at all. It’s pure masochism if I eat that. And it’s such a pain I’ve never felt in my life. I feel dizzy too. This goes straight into trading.” he complains The star chef, who started sweating profusely soon after eating, notes his colleague Güngormusch: His entire palate was burned.

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