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France. More and more immigrants want to cross the English Channel to Great Britain.

Archive – The number of immigrants seeking to reach Britain via the English Channel is steadily increasing. There have been repeated incidents with small boats where the British Border Force had to intervene and bring the migrants to safety. Photo: Gareth Fuller / PA Wire / DPA

The main stone

More and more immigrants are trying to cross the English Channel from France to Great Britain. From the beginning of the year to June 13, 777 attempts were made to cross the strait in small boats, according to the Interior Ministry, according to the AFP news agency in Paris. A total of 20,132 refugees are involved, an increase of 68 percent over the same period last year. The record numbers for 2021 have already been talked about. 52,000 immigrants tried to cross the English Channel, but 28,000 were successful, the French ministry said.

For many years, immigrants wanted to cross the English Channel from the northern French port cities to Great Britain. Great Britain wants to prevent this, and pays France for serious border security. France, on the other hand, accuses Britain of creating opportunities for legal entry. French politicians also accuse Great Britain of hypocrisy: on the one hand, there is talk of fighting immigration, and on the other hand, the British have made it much easier for illegal immigrants to find work in the country.