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France is the first country in the world to include abortion in its constitution – News

France is the first country in the world to include abortion in its constitution – News


The three-fifths majority required for this was achieved at a meeting of both Houses of Parliament at Versailles.

Members of the National Assembly and senators enshrined voluntary abortion in the French Constitution by a vote of 780 to 72.

The following sentence is added to the Basic Law as Article 34: “The law determines the circumstances in which a woman may exercise the freedom guaranteed by voluntary abortion.”

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal spoke of the “moral guilt” of all women who suffered due to illegal abortions. He was pleased with the “successful conclusion of a long battle.”

Attal said that this “fundamental step will be recorded in history,” recalling that the right to voluntary abortion remains “at risk” and “at the mercy of those who decide.”

This announcement was met with long applause in the “Aile du Midi” Salon at the Palace of Versailles, which was presented by the President of the National Assembly, Yaël Braun-Bivet. Meanwhile, joy erupted in the Trocadero Square in Paris. Thousands gathered in front of a huge screen that showed the deliberations from Versailles live. Then, to celebrate the event, the Eiffel Tower began lighting up with a projection reading “Mon corps, mon choix.” [Mein Körper, meine Wahl].


Projection after voting at the Eiffel Tower.


Criticism of political action

During the vote, several hundred anti-abortion activists also gathered near Versailles to protest the constitutional amendment.

The Catholic Church also criticized him. “In the era of universal human rights, there can be no ‘right’ to destroy human life,” the Pontifical Academy for Life said.

Marine Le Pen of the National Rally said Macron only wants to score political points through constitutional change because the right to abortion is supported across the country. “We have no problem including this in the Constitution,” she said before the vote. But it would be a complete exaggeration to call this a historic step, because “no one questions the right to abortion in France.”

Abortion supporters take up arms.


Excitement: In Paris, thousands of abortion supporters gathered in front of a huge screen that showed the consultation from Versailles live.

Keystone / Oleg Cetynyk

Pascale Morinier, a doctor and president of the League of Catholic Families, stressed that there is no need to write the right to abortion into the constitution. There was controversy in France because the United States was violating this right by overturning Roe v. Wade had snapped. “There was panic from feminist movements that wanted to engrave this in the marble of the Constitution,” Moriniere said.

Abortions up to the 10th week of pregnancy have remained unpunished in France since 1975. Pregnant women in France can now have an abortion up to the 14th week, and their health insurance covers the costs.

French pride

“French pride, a global message.” With these words, President Emmanuel Macron welcomed the congressional vote.

“Let's celebrate together the incorporation of a new freedom guaranteed in the Constitution with the first publicly accessible sealing ceremony in our history. See you on March 8th, International Women's Rights Day,” Emmanuel Macron wrote on Canal X.