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France is facing a heat wave

Up to 40 degrees!

France is facing a heat wave

France is facing a heat wave with temperatures reaching 40 degrees locally. There may be storms in parts of the country at the end of the week, the Météo France weather service announced on Wednesday.

Posted date: 2:12 pm


Updated: 3:17 PM

The highest temperatures are expected between Thursday and Saturday, with more than 20 degrees even at night. Temperatures are expected to reach 38 degrees in Paris on Saturday. The authorities called on the population to protect themselves and to drink more alcohol. At the S-Bahn stations in Paris, there were advertisements to take enough water with you and take care of your fellow passengers.

Forest fires are raging again in southern France as drought continues. As the Prefecture of Loire announced on Wednesday, 120 firefighters continued to fight a fire that broke out the previous day in the Mas-Saint-Chély region, and a country road was closed. The fire destroyed 70 hectares of forest.