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Fran Drescher grabs everyone's attention in his midriff outfit

Fran Drescher grabs everyone’s attention in his midriff outfit

64 years old? Hard to believe! Actress Fran Drescher, aka “The Nanny,” caused a gasp with her appearance on the red carpet.

The basics in brief

  • Fran Drescher is also known as “The Nanny”.
  • The actress is now 64 years old.
  • Hard to believe after her belly-free appearance on the red carpet!

What a performance!

Fran Drescher (64 years old) became world famous for her role as “The Nanny”. But even 30 years later Successful cult series The actress has not changed much. On the red carpet, she once again caught everyone’s attention.

At the premiere of the movie Netflix– The “Uncoupled” tape, the beauty appears in a short costume. It’s hard to believe that Drescher is actually 64 years old!

Since she had cancer In 2000, the actress pays close attention to her diet. Although she has a few more pounds on her ribs today than she did back then, that’s a good thing.

Do you know “nanny”?

In an interview with “Marie Claire” she said she might remember some ugly things behind the scenes. This was also reflected in her weight.

“When I sold the show in 1993, I weighed 140 pounds. In the end Season 5 It was probably 49 kilos,” says Drescher. It was burnt.

She does not grieve in any way for the loss of her former personality. “I couldn’t be too skinny and look good anymore.”

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