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Four games in the series have been removed from digital stores

Four games in the series have been removed from digital stores

Without warning, 2K Games recently removed four titles in the WWE 2K series from digital stores. Players can no longer purchase “WWE 2K17” with “WWE 2K20” and their DLC.

2K Games recently removed several games from the WWE 2K wrestling series from its digital stores. Last weekend, a Reddit user discovered that suddenly only “WWE 2K22” and “WWE 2K Battlegrounds” were available on Steam. Another user posted details from the changelog on Steam Tracker stating that “WWE 2K17”, “2K18”, “2K19” and “2K20” were set to “Purchase disabled” on July 13.

Four WWE games are no longer available for digital purchase

But the games weren’t just removed from Steam. “WWE 2K17”, “2K18”, “2K19” and “2K20” should no longer be found in the PlayStation and Microsoft stores. only games “WWE 2K22” And WWE 2K Battlegrounds is still available.

Players who purchased these titles and their DLC from stores prior to removal will continue to be able to download them. Anyone who has not yet purchased addresses digitally will not be able to do so. PlayStation and Xbox can still play deleted titles from a physical disc. But even there, for better or worse, additional content in the form of DLCs must be dispensed with.

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In May, 2K Games announced that the “WWE 2K19” and “WWE 2K20” servers will to take off the networkTo fully focus on the latest game in the series, WWE 2K22. The closure was scheduled to take place on June 30, 2022. However, not a word was mentioned in the announcement of the fact that four games in the series would also be removed from digital stores altogether.

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