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Four days a week as a pilot program in Great Britain

Four days a week as a pilot program in Great Britain

NWork only four days a week but get paid for five days? About 70 companies with 3,300 employees are now trying this out in Great Britain. It is said to be the largest pioneering project in the world. Organized by the 4 Day Week Global Group, it campaigns to reduce working hours to 32 hours per week.

It is mainly small companies that participate. Businesses are different. The list includes Norfolk Coastal Fish and Chip Shop, Sheffield-based software company Rivelin Robotics, legacy tax consultant Stellar Asset Management and Kent-based alternative finance company Charity Bank. A few months ago, online banking game and software company WANdisco launched similar tests on a four-day week. His hope is that employees will be happier, more motivated and more productive. “100-80-100” is the magic formula promised by the organizers: 100 percent productivity with 80 percent work time and 100 percent pay.

Juliet Shore, a sociologist at Boston College, is involved in educating others with the pilot project and evaluating the results, calling it a “historic endeavor”. He explores how employees react to an extra day off. In particular, they expect lower stress and fatigue, higher job satisfaction, lower employee income and fewer layoffs and higher overall productivity. He is optimistic that the four-day week will provide “three dividends”, ie employees, companies and climate.

Since companies participate voluntarily, they have a good idea that the test will work for them. However, Schor FAZ told Joe Ovied that “the government must take action to bring in companies that do not see the benefits or have little benefit, in order to expand the four-day week across the economy.” According to Connor of 4 Day Weekly Global Group, more and more companies are now finding that they need to offer new products to keep their employees competitive as the epidemic spreads. Short working hours are a competitive advantage.