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Four Boeing 737s: The Sun Express flies the US in the winter

Four Boeing 737s: The Sun Express flies the US in the winter

The airline operated by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa suffers from a winter labor shortage. He has now found a comprehensive lease customer that is leasing four Boeing 737s. The Sun Express will operate out of Miami.

The vacation airline laid the foundation stone last year. Apply for a license in the United States to be able to operate flights in the country. On October 27, 2021, the Washington Department of Transportation approved the Sun Express order.

The joint airline between Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa said at the time that it did not want to set up operations in the United States. It’s about being able to accept rental and full service rental requests from US customers. Because in the winter their planes and crews are out of work.

Aircraft swap is not a new idea

Sun Express can now book success. Turkish-German airline received an order from Aero Airlines. Aviation Week reported that the company is stationing four Boeing 737-800s in Miami. American The charter airline formerly known as Swift AirIt mainly flies for corporate clients, colleges, sports teams and large tour operators. It also specializes in relay flights.

What Sun Express does is not entirely new. Thomas Cook airlines, including Condor and Canada’s Air Transat, have been used to swap planes in summer and winter. Sun Country and Jet 2 continue to do so to this day. Both sides benefit from this.

conflicting needs

The demand for flights from Europe is significantly lower in winter. This is why many European airlines have too many planes during the colder months. In North America, on the other hand, flights are in demand for warmer weather. So airlines in Canada and the United States may need additional planes.