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Founders of the United States, Thailand and Switzerland

Founders of the United States, Thailand and Switzerland

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DHDL Arbitration Council looks forward to an unprecedented international season © RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

On April 4, “The Lions Ten” will finally start again. The new season has all sorts of surprises. Among other things, it should be more international than ever.

Cologne – Monday evening makes sense again for DHDL fans. The eleventh season of “The Lions Ten” begins on April 4 on Vox. And it has a lot of offers as already announced.

In the lion’s den, the founders are once again fighting for an investor

Again, some young start-ups have begun to develop their more or less innovative products in Lion’s Cave. For one or the other, this time the journey may have lasted a little longer. Because not only German founders, but also Ralph Dumal, Judith Williams, Dokmar Worl and Co are fighting for investment.

As Vox has already announced, the new season in DHDL history should be very international. Fans of the show can expect founders from Switzerland, Thailand and the United States.

Founders from Switzerland, Thailand and the United States should stir up DHDL

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. And they do not appear in any chapters.

But in the new season it is not only the premiere! Visitors can look forward to seeing the youngest founder twins in DHDL history. Two 17-year-olds like to knock the referee off their feet with their super pack. Sources used: