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Fortnite: Server down for patch 29.20

Fortnite: Server down for patch 29.20

Fortnite will shut down its servers again on Tuesday for the new update 29.20. You can find everything about server status, duration and leaks in our overview.

What's happening in Fortnite today? Like almost every Tuesday, Epic Games takes the server down. Patch 29.20 is set to bring new content such as skins, weapons, and equipment to Fortnite.

This time, according to leakers, an event pass will be added for Avatar, through which players can unlock new cosmetic content from the world of Tamers. You can find out what you need to know about server status and how long the server has been running here.

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Fortnite: Server is down – when and how long do they stay offline?

Server down this morning – here's what you need to know: Epic Games announced that its Fortnite server has been down at 10:00 AM German time. Matchmaking is deactivated 30 minutes before the servers shut down – so you can no longer start new rounds during this time.

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When will the servers be online again? This depends on the size and scope of the update. If there are no complications, you can expect a one-hour downtime. But it's also possible that the server didn't go down until around 12 or 1 p.m. We will keep you informed in this case.

When are the patch notes coming? Epic Games is currently only releasing patch notes for the “Battle Royale” mode intermittently. If it exists, it will not be published until after the downtime. We'll list them for you as soon as Epic Games publishes them.

What content could appear with update 29.20?

Aside from a small teaser shortly before the update, Epic Games is not releasing any information about the content coming from the update. However, the leakers have their sources and already roughly know what content players can expect in the new update. The following is known (Heb

  • New cosmetics
  • New Avatar Event Pass (Friday)
  • New legendary items for your avatar and new skins
  • rocket race season 1
  • New store tabs
  • Maybe new collaborations
  • Maybe the tactical AR will come out of the vault
  • And more!

This was all the important information about the upcoming server crash. Are you excited about the update? Please let us know your wishes for the next Avatar event in the comments!

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