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Forstern finished the season in third place – the cup final was almost upon us

Forstern finished the season in third place – the cup final was almost upon us

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Melanie Scherer, goalkeeper of the women's FC Forstern team, said goodbye before the match against SV Fraunbeburg. © Christian Riedel

FC Forstern finished the Bayernliga season in third place. With the season concluded, the FA Cup Final is just around the corner.

In the catch-up match against SV Frauenbiburg, Forstern continued their winning streak. Thanks to the 3:1 (2:0) win at home, FCF Women finished third in the final table of the Bayernliga. But the season is not over yet: the Federation Cup final will be held on Saturday.

On Wednesday evening, the visitors from Fraunbiborg got off to a good start: goalkeeper Christina Kneissl was challenged twice in one-on-one situations in the first 20 minutes, but she managed to keep the score at zero thanks to strong saves. After a period of pressure from the Swedish Football Association, which at times played with six attacking players, the home team was able to break free. In the 36th minute, Lucia Ruiz Rojas scored a goal before Julia Engstler made the score 2-0 after a wonderful diagonal pass from Lina Grimmel (42).

Melanie Shearer receives a fitting send-off

Then Forstern's assistant coach, Christina Kink, spoke of a “disorganized game” regarding the second half. Although her team finally determined the path to victory with a second goal from Rojas, who snatched the ball from the goalkeeper inside the penalty area (69), at the same time it lost its dominance. In the direct match, Carola Kammermayer scored the next goal (71). One of the highlights of the last minutes was the substitution of goalkeeper Melanie Scherer: the Forstern goalkeeper had already been bid farewell before the match and was allowed to return to the field for her farewell match. “Our goal was to get three points to consolidate third place,” Kink confirmed after the match. “We were able to do that too.”

Bayern's league team now has nearly three days to prepare for the next match. “Of course we want to win the cup, even if we can already play in the German Cup,” the assistant coach explained before the match on Saturday (1 p.m.). However, FCF player Julia Diesenbock expects an opponent who may have “Bayernliga potential” when reserve team 1. FC Nürnberg, who finished their season in second place in the regional league, visits. Additionally, the second team is “difficult to evaluate.” However, she is confident about the upcoming duel. Jacqueline Wilhelm's commitment is questionable, otherwise all the players would be on board. (K)