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Formula 1: This was the third training session at Silverstone

Third practice at Silverstone

Verstappen in front – fear of rain and wind

Last 60 minutes before qualifying at 5pm CET (Live TV). And a normal question at Silverstone: Is the rain coming? But drivers mainly complain about winds blowing from all directions. Fastest: Verstappen ahead of Pérez and Leclerc – 8 Bottas.

Posted date: 2:22 pm


Updated: 3:46 PM

Friday was the first full practice (Bottas before Hamilton) for the cat. The second training session (Sainz before Hamilton) brought the first insights. However, Aston Martin Mercedes then asked its pilots Stroll and Vettel to work the night shift in the simulator! Well, the factory buildings are only 800 meters away.

Chu back in the top ten finals?