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Formula 1: The Reasons for the USA Boom in Hamilton, Verstappen & Co. - Cars and Formula 1

Formula 1: The Reasons for the USA Boom in Hamilton, Verstappen & Co. – Cars and Formula 1

Christopher Columbus discovered America 500 years ago – at the latest With the Miami race, America also discovered Formula 1.

The hype surrounding the first race in the Miami Vice metropolis is reaching new heights. 240,000 tickets sold out within two hours – the most expensive of which is $12,000 (11,000 euros). The $50 million that the organizers of Florida transferred to the ITF was well invested. The first American races in Austin brought in nearly a billion sales to the greater Texas metropolis – certainly not less in Miami.

When US television empire Liberty Media took over Formula 1 for a total of nearly $8 billion in 2016, fans didn’t really know where it was headed. Will a Formula 1 race be a pure show there? Does sports take a back seat?

“We wanted to cater to all levels of viewers: motorsport enthusiasts, families, fans of show and entertainment. I think we did well,” says Richard Kerrigan, president of the Miami Grand Prix, Sport Build.

That’s right – and the vast majority of new fans name just one word for the rise of Formula 1 in America: Netflix.

Giant American broadcast giant’s “Drive to Survive” documentary marked the birth of the love for Formula 1 in America. “A few years ago, Ami did not know what Formula 1. Now almost everyone knows our sport,” said McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo. “I am in America a lot and now I don’t have to explain to anyone which cars I drive. This Grand Prix will give another boost to our sport.”

SportBuild also confirmed to former Formula 1 driver Romain Grosjean (36/179 Grand Prix): “I live here in Miami now. Nobody recognized me before the Netflix documentary. Now Americans see me as a star because everyone saw my fire.”

Miami President Richard Kerrigan added: “I think with this race we can set a new standard for Formula 1 in America. It will be the most connected race in the world.”

Anyone in the world can watch this race through the F1 Miami GP app. Ian Holmes (52), media director for Formula 1 Rights: “The enthusiasm for Formula 1 in the US is growing every year. The reach in 2021 on broadcaster ESPN was more than 50 per cent compared to the previous year.”

Seven times champion Lewis Hamilton (37) On the popular TV show “Good Morning America”: “I no longer have to explain what Formula 1 is.”


Mick Schumacher explains his back wing

Source: 1 & 1 / BILD

America, still the land of opportunity. Miami makers are also setting new standards when it comes to the environment. 24,000 tons of track surface is a mixture of limestone from a nearby quarry and granite. Recyclables will save 2.8 million plastic cups, bottles and cutlery over the weekend.

The 5.41-kilometre circuit with 19 angles was constructed from 75 different design studies. The corner design is so sophisticated that it was not created for a specific race car setup. A challenge for engineers: they have to find the best possible middle ground.

Miami – This isn’t just the gorgeous glass gondolas on the road, yachts worth millions on stilts, the feel of a beach club with real sand this time around and a list of celebs worth seeing. In addition to football, baseball, basketball and hockey, a new sport has appeared in America – Formula 1.

And at the latest when the racing circus arrives in Las Vegas for the first time next year, every two year old will know that Formula 1 is not part of the math…