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Formula 1: The air in the title fight gets thinner and thinner

Formula 1: The air in the title fight gets thinner and thinner

However, the omens for a Verstappen feast in the city are even better. Given its exceptional weather conditions, the Grand Prix is ​​a joyous track run by Red Bull Racing.

“All of us in the team are confident we can do a really good job. But we have to work on the details and start over in Mexico to make the most of our overall package,” said Verstappen, who has won two of the last three races at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez.

The world title fight reaches its climax

For Max Verstappen (Red Bull) and Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), the Formula 1 title battle continues in Mexico City on Sunday. At more than 2,250 metres, Hamilton wants a Mercedes driver and must fight back as a chaser, or else the air will get thinner and thinner for him too.

The motor spins in the air

The great pitch should fit Red Bull, but nothing is certain in the competitive World Cup season in 2021. The truth is: Honda’s engine runs in the air. It has a slightly larger turbocharger than competitors, which means it can release more power.

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A highlight of the course is the ride across the grandstands of a baseball field on the field

In addition, mountain air also affects aerodynamics. Teams can drive at maximum downforce because the air resistance is much less, which has benefited “cops” in the past as well.

“It’s very close between the two teams.”

Especially Mexico and the next race in Brazil could decide the World Cup. For Red Bull’s trump card at the moment, team boss Christian Horner said: “You can’t rely on these performance expectations.” “It is very close between the two teams. I hope Mexico will be a good path for us again.”

But it was already for Mercedes. Hamilton celebrated his fourth World Cup title in Mexico in 2017 and his fifth in 2018. The seven-time world champion once again arranged up front: “The next few tracks are very strong courses for Red Bull. It’s going to be tough. Sure.”

“Anything is possible this year”

Qatar follows Mexico City and Sao Paulo in the last triceps match (three races in three consecutive days) of the season. In the drivers’ championship, Hamilton is 12 points behind Verstappen. The Briton does not believe in orderliness based on modern experiences.

Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff certainly wasn’t after Verstappen’s victory in the US two weeks ago. Austin was previously considered a Silver Arrow area. “This year anything is possible and the tracks you’ve been weakest on so far have suddenly become your strengths and vice versa,” said Wolff.

It only ends when math dictates it

Mercedes wants to keep the World Cup decision against the mighty Red Bull team until the end. “The goal should be to get to the last race and definitely have a chance to win,” said Wolff.

Hamilton’s chances of a historic eighth world title “perfectly sound”. Predictions are impossible. The race “is often different from what you plan. That is why the championship only ends when you can’t win athletically,” Wolff said.