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Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel still ineligible

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel still ineligible>sports>

09. August 2021 – 20:16 hour

Confirmed disqualification of Sebastian Vettel

Aston Martin fails in its appeal against the disqualification of Sebastian Vettel after the Formula 1 race in Budapest. The FIA ​​rejected the British racing team’s request to consider the decision on Monday. Second place went to Vettel at the Hungarian Grand Prix, as did his eighteen world championship points. The ruling said the “new evidence” provided by Aston Martin was irrelevant.

“New evidence” is not enough

Race hosts ruled out Vettel after the turbulent grand prix over Hungary because only 0.3 liters of gasoline was recovered from the 34-year-old’s car, instead of the one liter stipulated in regulations.

Aston Martin appealed the decision. The team wanted to use “new evidence” to prove that Vettel’s car was still 1.74 liters after the race. However, in further analysis, the team found an imbalance in the fuel supply, which was responsible for the fact that only 0.3 liters of fuel could be pumped from the AMR21, according to an FIA announcement on Monday.

“To assess the question of whether or not the one-liter rule has been violated, the reason for having less than one liter is irrelevant,” the FIA ​​judge stated. It is “the competitor’s sole responsibility to ensure that the vehicle complies with regulations at all times. It is not an argument to claim that no performance advantage has been achieved.”

Aston Martin remains an official complaint as a last resort, but it is also unlikely to succeed. (March / dpa)