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Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel in Hungary after an emotional week in 10th place |  Sports

Formula 1: Sebastian Vettel in Hungary after an emotional week in 10th place | Sports

Tenth place after announcing his resignation |

Vettel’s crazy week

to: Ruler Selja and Michael Milewski (currently in Budapest)

What a week for Sebastian Vettel (35). In three words: Ride back, crash, catch up

The Aston Martin driver surprisingly announced on Thursday the end of his Formula 1 career. At the end of the year, he retired after 15 years (so far) 53 victories and 4 world titles. The farewell tour begins. First stop: the Hungarian Grand Prix yesterday.

Vettel to BILD: “It’s been an emotional ups and downs this week…”

After qualifying on Saturday (Vettel was only 18th) it all looked like a race without a chance for points. Think! Vettel showed a great performance, built eight positions and made it exciting in the top ten.

Vettel: “We should have had a better Saturday to go further.”

Also his fault was that Saturday was a flop, in his third free practice session, he drove his Aston Martin into the tire wall. Before racing for the best time in the playoffs, he started his team’s battles against time during repairs.

Among other things, a new bottom was needed. Vettel gave himself a helping hand so everything would be completed in time to qualify – successfully!

But in the end that was only enough for the 18th place there. A really bad omen, because it is difficult to bypass the Hungarian – in fact …

Vettel: “The race was strong. I had a good feeling in the car, we chose the right strategy and always made the right decisions. Not everyone was able to do it.” Those who did not succeed: Mick Schumacher’s team (23) Haas. After some questionable strategic decisions, he took only 15th place.

Outstanding: World Champion Max Verstappen (24) led from 10th to victory and continued to lead the championship.

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