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Formula 1 emphasizes innovations in the sprint

Formula 1 emphasizes innovations in the sprint

( – The decision has been made: Formula 1 will hold three races in the 2022 season. The series originally wanted to increase the number of sprints for the new season, but after budget disputes by the major teams, there was even talk of not holding any Races at all – now they have agreed on three, the same number as the previous year.

The first of the three races to take place in Imola


The places chosen were the Grand Prix of Imola (Emilia-Romagna), Spielberg (Austria) and São Paulo (Brazil). Brazil is the only race in which the race was responsible for the starting grid last year, the others being Silverstone and Monza.

In addition to crafting (sprinting rather than quick qualification), the point assignment has also been modified. Instead of the top 3 pilots, the top eight pilots of the sprint now have points – dropping from eight to one.

Another innovation is that first place now officially goes to the fastest driver from qualifying on Friday. Previously, the driver who started from pole position on Sunday was in pole position – regardless of whether he also took pole position in the race.

Sprint Races: This is how the new qualifiers work

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Friday’s qualifiers form the basis for the starting grid for Saturday’s sprint. The result then forms the final start grid for the Grand Prix.

The final decision has yet to be confirmed by the FIA ​​World Council, which meets as part of the season opener in Bahrain.