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Former Raiffeisen coach Beren Vincennes got more than expected

Former Raiffeisen coach Beren Vincennes got more than expected

Raiffeisen has transparently made what the CEO deserves since 2009. But former president Beren Vincennes’ wages were much higher than reported years ago.

The basics in brief

  • It won’t be quiet about former Raiffeisen CEO Pierin Vincenz.
  • Now Vincennes is said to have earned much more than Raiffeisen reported.

the previous Raiffeisen coach Pierin Vincenz sometimes earned much more than previously known. This reportsNZ am Sonntag » citing investigative documents about alleged private deals with hidden cash registers.

In 2008 alone, the director obtained a Genossenschaftsbank Net wage of 13.8 million Franken. Even before that, he collected several million in some cases Franken. In order to handle management salaries discreetly, the majority of salaries flowed through an offshore attorney account.

As of 2009, the bank has shown wages transparently. After that, they were always less than two million people Franken.

Beren Vincennes denounced ‘overpaid’

Vincennes was the bank’s CEO from 1999 to 2015. He had publicly denounced “excessive wages” in banks. He did not make any statement to the newspaper about the new allegations.

Do you still trust the major Swiss banks?

The Vincennes should now be in January 2022, among other things commercial fraud before Tennis Court Be responsible. This is because he obtained illegal advantages with his partners in the acquisitions of the company and is said to have received illegal expenses.

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