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Former "Let's Dance" professional dancers are raising allegations against the jury

Former “Let’s Dance” professional dancers are raising allegations against the jury

Updated May 31, 2021, 8:14 am

  • Former “Let’s Dance” professional dancers Oana Nechiti and Erich Klann criticize the jury for the dance show for their podcast.
  • Above all, my euphoria shows itself wounded and simply cannot forgive a thing.

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the previous “let’s go dancing-Profitänzer I miss you And Eric Clan is old hands when it comes to show dance. Nashiti was there from 2013 to 2018 and came fourth once. The Klan flew on Earth from 2011 to 2020 and scored up to three victories.

Awana and Eric She accompanied the entire fourteenth season of “Let’s Dance” with the podcast “Dance or not at all”. On an hour-long episode, of course, they commented on that too The “Let’s Dance” final and victory for Rurik Gislason and Renata Lucien. Additionally, there was a settlement with the RTL Program Jury.

Awana Nshetti: “I cannot forgive Mutsi and Joachim on this matter.”

“At the time, professional dancers participated in the show out of love for sports, not because of having access to Instagram,” Nashiti recalls the show’s times when social media did not play a major role. It felt like an honor to draw attention to this beloved dance sport on TV.

There was no appreciation for this. “I’m still injured because of that day,” the 33-year-old recalls. Aside from Jorge Gonzalez, no one thanked the dancers. “I cannot forgive Mutsi and Joachim on this matter.”

Eric Clan: “I owe it.”

It would have been so easy, especially in times of success with a total of 12 TV awards for the dance show: “Why not send the dancers at least a bottle of wine or a card? Simply as a gesture.” The professional dancer adds, even if you thank you.

He also criticized the Klan: “We did not treat us dancers the way we deserved.” For him, “let’s dance” is “huge form.” The 34-year-old added, but it would have been much better, “If only such limits had been established always. I owe that.”
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Although Valentina Bahadi received the highest jury rating, ex-football player Rick Gislason won the “Dancing Star 2021” title in “Let’s Dance” – and Nicholas Buschman is making history, too. The conclusion is wonderful with pictures.