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Former 'Let's Dance' Dancer Una Nshetti Shoots Kristina Luft: 'Dance Like Two Kids'

Former ‘Let’s Dance’ Dancer Una Nshetti Shoots Kristina Luft: ‘Dance Like Two Kids’

if it was Professional dancer couple Oana Nshetty (34) and Eric Klan (34) On her podcast “Tans Oder Nicht” about RTLlet’s go dancing“He speaks, he doesn’t utter the words. In the current episode, Oana expresses harsh criticism of the performance of ‘Let’s Dance’ by dancer Christina Luft (32) and singer Mike Singer (22).

In the video above, Oana Nechiti talks exclusively about her pregnancy, son Nicholas, and “Let’s Dance”.

Oana Nechiti: “This cha-cha-cha is like a nine-year-old’s dance”

Not only did Cha Cha Cha of the two only get ten points from the jury – I am pregnant He also finds clear words for this performance. “To me he was dancing like two children,” she said out loud. “I’ve always asked myself, ‘Do I really want to see a man dance like that? Then I thought, “No, that’s cha-cha dancing like the nine-year-olds in our dance school, only they do it better.”

In addition, she emphasized that not only the performance needed improvement, but also the choreography, which Christina Luft created, could have been more complex: “It was very childish, the main thing was simple steps, it had no soul, There was no courtship between a man and a woman.”