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Former Austrian President Kurs is leaving for the United States as manager

The “Austrian” newspaper published the news on Saturday, referring to his close environment. Accordingly, the 35-year-old has signed a contract with a private company in the investment sector. In the future, Kurs and his family plan to travel between the United States and Austria.

“Kronen-Seidung” said that there should be an administrative task in Silicon Valley. Many large high-tech, information technology and Internet companies are headquartered in the southern part of San Francisco.

Kurz did not comment on the reports. On Christmas Eve, he wrote his Christmas greetings – rather unusual – in English on the SMS service Twitter: “Merry #Christmas, Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!” – Translated: “#Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all!”

Kurz entered politics at the age of 25, first as Secretary of State and later as Minister of Foreign Affairs and later as President. He started studying law at one point, but he was suspended.

Kurz resigned as federal chancellor in October following allegations of corruption. He and some of his close political allies are said to have used taxpayers’ money for the Election Commission to enter the Chancellery. Kurz denies the allegations.

He was initially chairman of the Conservative ÖVP and parliamentary committee, but in early December he abruptly announced his resignation from all offices. A few days ago, he and his girlfriend became parents. The birth of his son changed his perspective and prevented him from returning to politics. “Kronen-Seidung” posted a current photo of Kurz walking in a stroller with his girlfriend and son Constantine.

In media reports, there was also speculation about the indigenous salary that Kurz was to receive. On December 9, he wrote on Twitter that he could no longer receive any money from his political career. “Because there are a lot of inquiries about this: I will give up continuing to pay my salary. By the terms, I will still receive the bulk of my previous salary until mid-2022.