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Former Austrian Chancellor - Sebastian Kurz sworn in as Deputy Vice Chancellor - News

Former Austrian Chancellor – Sebastian Kurz sworn in as Deputy Vice Chancellor – News

  • After his resignation as Austrian chancellor, Sebastian Kurz was sworn in as a member of Parliament on Thursday.
  • For a brief period he remains the leader of the ÖVP and becomes the leader of the parliamentary group in the National Assembly.
  • There are two investigations underway against the 35-year-old – among other matters of corruption.

With the move to Parliament, Sebastian Kurz, who was sworn in on Thursday, will have immunity initially. However, at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Parliament can decide whether to bring a member of Parliament to justice. The former chancellor, Kurz, had already announced that he wanted to waive immunity.

Continuing investigation into the corruption case

Two preliminary investigations are underway against the former head of government in Austria. On the other hand, the public prosecutor is investigating the suspicion of perjury in the Ibiza Inquiry Commission, which investigated corruption in the public sector. On the other hand, the suspicion that Kurz and his department of administration bought positive media reports and garbled surveys with tax money is under investigation.

A total of ten people are being investigated on suspicion of dishonesty, bribery and corruption – Kurtz continues to deny the allegations. After the Green Party demanded to replace Sebastian Kurz over the corruption case, former Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg was sworn in as his successor in the Chancellery on Monday.