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Forced to be a noble joker - Griezmann: Annoying contract clause makes him a bench-pressing player

Forced to be a noble joker – Griezmann: Annoying contract clause makes him a bench-pressing player


Atletico star Antoine Griezmann has not been part of the starting line-up this season. The reasons are not mathematical, but of an economic nature.


He is currently getting less exercise than he wants

Antoine Griezmann.

IMAGO / NurPhoto

His undisputed category: Antoine Griezmann has been one of the best offensive players in the world for years. As the top scorer of the 2016 European Championship, he was instrumental in getting France to the final, and two years later became one of the key players in the EQUIP TRICOLURE world title.

Griezmann has also been a fixture in club football for many years. The Atletico striker proved on Wednesday in the Champions League that he can still be decisive at the age of 31 when he secured 3 points against Porto with a second goal in the 101st minute.

Economics outperform sports

No doubt: Under normal circumstances, there is no way to beat the attack of Atletico Griezmann. There are no sporting reasons to allow the 108-time international to be off the bench for more than an hour. But there are economic reasons, as has been shown in the past days and weeks.

Griezmann joined longtime Atletico on loan from Barcelona in the summer of 2021. The two parties have included a €40m buyout option at the end of the 2022/23 season in the two-year loan agreement. So far, not very complicated.

But this purchase option is subject to conditions. The option automatically becomes a purchase obligation if Griezmann has been on the field for at least 45 minutes in at least half of all competitive games during the two seasons. In the 2021/22 season, the Frenchman played 45 minutes or more in 80% of matches. So it makes sense that Griezmann will have to cut back significantly this season if Atletico want to avoid committing to buying.

Griezmann’s substitution timing so far this season





Getafe (league)

62 minutes


Villarreal (League)

62 minutes


Valencia (league)

64 minutes


Real Sociedad (League)

63 minutes


Porto (UEFA Champions League)

61 minutes

Looming legal dispute

Barcelona, ​​who still owns Griezmann, is following the events of Atlético with concern. The Catalans, who are not on a bed of roses from a financial point of view, do not want to restore the owner of the great income in the summer of 2023, especially since his contract with Barcelona is still valid until June 2024.

As a result of the unsatisfactory development of the Griezmann case, Barcelona has now appointed the legal division of the case. This should check whether Atleticus acted unfairly. After all, Barcelona paid Griezmann’s fixed transfer fee of 120 million euros in the summer of 2019. Now they want to be involved again.

Simeone’s hands are tied

Diego Simeone, the legendary coach of Rojiblancos, would like to spend more than half an hour per game on Griezmann. But even Simeone has to follow the instructions of the club’s management.

The Argentine coach hasn’t hidden the entire Griezmann story for long, and the pattern has become very evident in recent weeks. “You’ve known me for 10 years now: I’m a club guy and I always will be,” Simeone said recently when asked by a reporter if he had been instructed by the club to use Griezmann wisely.