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Sonny Kittel

Forced departure from HSV: Will Kittel move to the US?

Is there a movement in the number now? Sonny Kittel is pushing his HSV departure, and outside has been the 29-year-old’s hottest choice right from the start (MOPO reported). Now you can go abroad. According to the “Bild” report, the second-tier scorer in HSV (29 goals) is about to move to the United States.

Accordingly, the change can take place this week, before the mandatory medical exams and before the start of training at Volkspark. With Kittel’s contract running until 2023, Hamburger residents – unlike David Kinsombi – can look forward to a small fee. Several MLS clubs are said to be competing for number ten in Hamburg.

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Kittel and HSV, after three years, will end their history together. The noble technician had often disappeared at the crucial stages of the season and could not fulfill the leadership position assigned to him. In the days following the relegation matches against Hertha, the player himself also came to the conclusion that a change was the best option.