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For Honor Year 5 Mirage Season 2 will be released on June 10

Ubisoft has announced that For Honor Season 2 Mirage will be available on June 10. A new trailer introduces a new hero who will join the Samurai faction in For Honor after the TU2 update.

Year 5’s second season brings a severe drought to Heathmore after a period of exuberance and celebration. Vegetation and water hid the legendary Kyushin Temple in the Mir River from all. But now the temple is losing its protection. Due to the lack of water, the warriors suffer from delusions and hallucinations as they struggle to survive and search for water for their clan. Some even encounter strange samurai who seem to have unknown abilities.

A limited-time in-game event will start from June 10: Kyushin Insights. Battles for resources take place in Kyushin Temple with new and unique items in the temple garden. A new free event card with helmet decoration, mood effect, battle outfit, and unique weapons will be available.

In addition to the event, Season 2 of Year 5 Mirage features new drought-affected versions of the Temple Garden, Forest, Belvedere, and Highfort maps. Battle Pass can also be purchased with premium content, which includes a new implementation and a new joint gesture.

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