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Football: This is what Gerardo Siwan said after a historic slap from Bayern Munich

Football: This is what Gerardo Siwan said after a historic slap from Bayern Munich

Bayer Leverkusen were slapped in the face by Bayern in front of a home crowd on Sunday. The Swiss team Gerardo Sewan (42) is dealt a 1:5. The supposed first game becomes the Munich Festival. Seoane found clear words after the gossip: “We just have to critically admit that we weren’t familiar with the pace today – especially in the first half,” the former YB coach said at the post-match press conference.

The first 45 minutes at BayArena were some of the history books. For the first time in the 121-year history of the German record champions, they enjoyed tea away with a 5-0 lead behind them. On the other hand, Werkself also saw a first show, which is one of an ugly kind. Leverkusen has never faced a 5-0 break before.

“The best team in Germany”

It was clear early on that it was going to be a challenging era in football for Seoane’s side. Soon after kicking off, Werkself was already at the back. “The early target was a blow to the neck.” Then, the “madness of youth” led to “we wanted to make more progress after early disability”.

That ended in fiasco. Between the 30th and 37th minutes of the match, Bayern’s machines ran at full speed and hit four times. “There were seven crazy minutes in which Bayern clearly showed us why they are the best team in Germany,” the Swiss told DAZN.

First half break as version

“After 0:3 hope it doesn’t come 0:4 and after 0:4 hope it doesn’t come 0:5. I couldn’t imagine anything else,” he describes his emotional world during the index’s seven devastating cycles. “Fortunately the break came in between halves and we were able to gather ourselves . The players were completely determined.”

In the second half, Werkself tried to limit the damage and scored at least a consolation goal through Patrick Schick (25). A little solace. “The win is definitely deserved even at this height,” Seoane admits enviously. He has to devise something how he can get his players back as quickly as possible after this devastating comparison to the Croesus League.