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Football: Shaqiri among the top 10 best-selling shirts in the MLS

A real former star at the top

Shugairi’s shirt is very popular in the United States

Xherdan Shaqiri (30 years old) is one of the most famous football players in the United States, which is also evidenced by the number of shirts sold. It’s not enough (yet) to get to the front, there’s a real former star out there.


Sheridan Shaqiri’s No. 10 shirt was the eighth best-selling shirt in the United States.

It’s Sheridan Al Shugairi’s (30) first season in MLS and the Natty star has already crossed the top 10 best selling MLS jerseys.

The online store “” operated by the association publishes 25 bibs that have been sold the most. The Chicago Fire Kicker placed eighth and is the only player on his team to be in the top 25. However, the store did not announce how often its T-shirts and other T-shirts were shipped.