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Football – Lineker: “The world is good” after controversy before returning to TV – Sport

LONDON (AP) — Soccer presenter Gary Lineker is returning to the screen today after settling a dispute with the BBC.

“After a few days, I’m happy we found a way. I’m relieved to go back to work. All is right with the world,” LaLiga told TV. The 62-year-old is set to host the FA Cup quarter-final between Manchester City and Burnley (6.45pm) after being suspended by the public broadcaster last week.

Lineker insisted the situation was “resolved” but “completely unequal”. It’s been an interesting week since the suspension, “I’m still here, still giving,” said Lineker, who was overwhelmed by the “unbelievable” support from his friends and colleagues.

Lineker tweeted that Britain’s Conservative government’s rhetoric was “not like Germany in the 1930s”. The BBC found this a breach of its strict neutrality rules and suspended the popular moderator.

As a result, many moderators and commentators refused to work in their role, the flagship show “Match of the Day” directed by Lineker, only showed the game footage without commentary. Critics accused the BBC of bowing to government pressure.

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