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Football: Good feedback for Austria in the NFL

Football: Good feedback for Austria in the NFL

“I also have a good feeling because I was invited for the second time. They told me at the time that they would like to take me back with them. It gave me a lot of self-confidence, so I am confident,” said Misangomokini, who returned to Austria at the beginning of April after a training camp in the United States. It’s time for the 1.90m, 117kg to wait and train.

As in previous years, it wasn’t until after the draft that IDP participants found out if they could later recommend themselves to an NFL team. With Sandro Platzgomer (New York Giants) and Bernard Sekovits (Arizona Cardinals), two Austrians have already made it into the coaching lineup this way. Misangomokini, who was at the IPP camp last year but got injured there, emphasized the prestige of local football. Officials at the site said that from now on they want an Austrian every year. Because the players are well trained and good athletes.”

The Austrians make their way into the NFL

Last but not least, Rayman stresses that this impression is not misleading. The draft will take place from April 28-30 this year, and the 24-year-old is considered a candidate for an early round of the seven rounds. Burgenlander, who made the jump to the USA and Central Michigan College via the Vienna Vikings, was the first Austrian to be recruited.

In the past, it wasn’t just kickers Tony Fritsch, Tony Lienhart and Ray Wershing who showed that there are other ways in the NFL. Rayman is about to make a quantum leap during college. After all, Platzgummer and Seikovits have already achieved pre-season assignments via the IPP camp and are also under contract for next season, the former Tyrolean striker Platzgummer up to the third in a row.

Hoping for the next registration

Misangumukini hopes to be at least in the coaching squad for one team in the fall. A year ago, his injury in particular prevented a potential placement with the NFL team. “The injury was a big reason, but maybe I wasn’t professional enough last year. It was all new to me there.”

Lionel Misangomokini Kastler

Lionel Misangomokini is staying with his home team these days, but he hopes to return to the United States soon

The second attempt provided a new environment in that the camp was set not in Florida as in previous years, but at the facility of ex-football player Charles Bentley in Arizona. The training took place diligently in about two months, and 12 candidates also participated in Pro Day at Arizona State University. There, the talent was able to show off the existing 29 NFL teams.

“Always positive feedback”

Compared to other IPP players, Misangumukini sees himself at the top. “This year there were very good people again, including three college players in the beginning. But a year ago, the football players with more experience were better. This year the players were very good physically, but some of them had no experience in football. Football. I felt like I was one of the best players because I was there last year and I played football for a long time.”

Misangumukini (“I’ve always had positive vibes”) is also in good spirits because he can’t just be used as a defender. “I can also play for special teams, which is also the most realistic way for me to get a job on an NFL team. If the coach says I should run with a kick or a kick, I will,” confirmed the former international rookie, who once again played with Rayman, Sikovits, and Platzgmer. All of them have their share of the local race for five titles in the European Under-19 Championship in a row. Now, they can see each other again in the NFL this fall, and that wouldn’t be a surprise.