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Football: Former German Football Association presidential candidate Ute Growth is considering running again

Football: Former German Football Association presidential candidate Ute Growth is considering running again

The Amateur Sports Representative calls for a radical reform and renewal of the federation – “less than the sparkling world of the Bundesliga, towards an amateur club”.

Two years after her sudden request as president of the German Football Association (DFB), amateur sports representative Ottie Groth is considering renewing her candidacy if controversial president Fritz Keeler resigns. “I would like to address this in a team working to develop the association’s reorganization,” the 62-year-old from Düsseldorf told our editorial team.

Head of DJK Tusa 06 Dusseldorf “I think more new people are coming into the association’s structures,” said the staff renewal.

From Groot’s point of view, the German Confederation failed on the Corona issue

Groth assured it was not about her person: “The important thing now is that there is a major overhaul – in terms of personnel and structure.” In your opinion, the DFB Far from the amateur base.

This was last seen in the example Corona: After the clubs came up with models for how children should play sports again, the German Football Association issued a letter of recommendation based on the hygiene concept from the German League. “This is the past reality,” said Groth. “Just a few weeks ago, German federation doctor Tim Mayer said outdoor sports are harmless. I just ask myself: Why is it only now?”

The fact that Fritz Keeler, who won the Groth nomination for 2019, did not implement the reforms he announced could also be explained by the past of the German Football Association, according to Groth: “Keeler tried to make changes. However, most of the time, he’s been busy there. Clarifying the legacy: stories about the 2006 World Cup, all these contracts and advisers’ payments. And in the end I found them too. “

“You no longer want this bunch of officials.”

Groot called for reform of the Football Association with an emphasis on amateur sport: “The German federation has a structural problem. Many people at the grassroots level are no longer interested in this bunch of officials.” The reorganization should focus more on the grassroots and less on the elite: “A different weighting will be necessary: ​​a little less the shimmering world of the Bundesliga towards the amateur club.”

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