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Food inflation in the UK will be 15% this summer

“Food inflation in the UK will be 15% this summer and high until 2023,” the Grocery Supply Agency (IGD) told Reuters on Thursday.

The IGD also predicts that the average monthly grocery cost for a typical family of four, which was £ 396 in January 2022, will be £ 439 ($ 528) in January 2023.

The Financial Times (FT) says: “The sharp rise in the number of people retiring from the labor force is often the reason why older workers choose to retire early, according to a new analysis by the Financial Research Institute.”

The FT adds: “In the first quarter, nearly half a million fewer people worked than there were before the epidemic.”

According to Reuters, Brexit has no reason to drastically change the UK financial regulation. According to a report by the UK Parliamentary Committee on Thursday, regulators should not be forced to dilute the rules to increase London’s competitiveness or deviate from world standards.