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Foldable smartphones: Microsoft founder Bill Gates uses the Galaxy Z Fold4

The founder of Microsoft is a big fan of smartphones with foldable screens. Bill Gates According to his own statements, he is already using the second generation of the second generation Samsung Galaxy Z Fold With Android, but not without the “Microsoft dose” you need.

As Microsoft founder Bill Gates said recently during his 11th session, “Ask me anything.” reddit He explained that he uses the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 as his “daily drive”. This is the ultimate high-end model from Samsung’s current smartphone range – a smartphone with a 7.9-inch foldable display, OLED base and stylus support.

Gates received a Z Fold 4 as a gift from the boss of Samsung

Gates says he received the device from Jae-Young Lee, the company’s chairman Korean giant Samsungwhen he visited him in South Korea a few months ago “to get a refresh on his old Galaxy Z Fold 3. It’s clearly a gift from the CEO, so Gates almost certainly didn’t have to shell out any money for the Fold 4.”

In terms of software, Gates “naturally” uses Outlook and a host of other programs found in the Folder Microsoft. Unfortunately, the founder of the company did not provide any specific information about the Microsoft software he uses on the device. He also praised the form factor of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. And since Samsung’s foldable smartphone can offer a very decent screen size if needed, it no longer needs a tablet. Instead, Gates claims he uses a foldable screen smartphone and a Windows laptop. In the office, there is also a Surface Hub, from which a whole series is used, Gates says, referring to Microsoft’s bulky and expensive desktop computers.

Samsung is clearly very happy that Gates is such a big fan of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Among other things, the company’s German branch announces that Gates uses such a device – with the sentence “Bill would have clearly liked to open many Windows.” Small but important detail from Gates’ Reddit AmA: He’s not up to date when it comes to Microsoft’s hardware roadmap. So just because Gates is a fan of foldable smartphones doesn’t mean the company he founded is now Runs automatically on Surface Duo 3 with foldable screen.

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