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Foldable smartphones are coming from Samsung, Motorola and Xiaomi

As of August 10, 2022, a lot of foldable smartphones are likely to be offered. Read more about the events here!

Foldable smartphones – what’s right for you?

From August 10, it seems that it will rain for foldable phones. Samsung will do things with that Galaxy Z Fold 4 And the Z Flip 4 Start – one folds horizontally and the other vertically. Then Motorola will follow on August 11th with Razr 2022. Xiaomi has now joined the party and announced its next foldable flagship phone – mix fold 2 It will also be released on August 11th. The company has posted a teaser for the phone on its Weibo account, showing the shape of the phone’s metal hinge. There is nothing else the poster reveals other than that mix fold 2 It will also use the special cooperation between Xiaomi and Leica.

rumored that mix fold 2 Probably a Samsung design Galaxy Z Fold 3 This inherits means that we can expect an internally foldable device with an external display. Other information indicates that the new foldable smartphone will get a 6.5-inch screen and an 8-inch foldable screen. Both displays will likely come with a refresh rate of 120Hz – what does the battery say about that? Xiaomi has also removed the touch notch on the flexible screen and added LTPO technology, which should help with battery life. It will be rounded mix fold 2 Perhaps due to a premium segment from Qualcomm, we will know more soon. What do you say about the phenomenon of foldable smartphones – is this your thing?